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Analysis of 150 000 Art Tester reviews reveals what makes art good in the eyes of a 14-year-old

In this article we share the results of an analysis of 150 000 reviews given by the young art testers during the first five academic years of the program.
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Art Testers starts its 6th semester

The sixth semester of the Art Testers program started this year in the gorgeous national landscapes of Koli, North Karelia, when a big bunch of Karelian eighth graders traveled to experience and review a multidisciplinary Sibelius-themed show with music, stories, a short film and an exhibition. The reviews were magnificent.
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Art Testers pilots a new operating model

This year, the program continues with a new operating model. For the first time in the history of the Art Testers program, the schools have had the chance to choose whether they want two regional art visits or one regional and one national visit - primarily to a national art institution in the capital area.
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How do teachers and students benefit from art testing?

The funders of the Art Testers program commit an average expenditure of 40–100 EUR per student on an art visit. In total, the expenditure on the Art Testers program is 3–7 MEUR per school year. But what exactly do students and teachers get from art testing? And how is the program connected to the national curriculum?
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Meet our new Communications Planner

August 2, 2021, Heidi Rantanen (M.A.) started her work as Communications Planner for the Art Testers. In the future, Heidi will be in charge of the communications for Art Testers, supporting Manager Mr Joonas Keskinen and the Art Testers’ national coordination team.
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