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How do teachers and students benefit from art testing?

The funders of the Art Testers program commit an average expenditure of 40–100 EUR per student on an art visit. In total, the expenditure on the Art Testers program is 3–7 MEUR per school year. But what exactly do students and teachers get from art testing? And how is the program connected to the national curriculum?
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Back-to-school Greetings from Art Testers Office in Tampere

It is the start of the fifth year of Art Testers. Thursday, 26 August, a school year kick-off info will be organised online from 9.30 to 11 AM. The info will mainly be concerned with the COVID situation but will also feature the basics of the programme as well as provide the schedules for the cultural institutions.
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Meet our new Communications Planner

August 2, 2021, Heidi Rantanen (M.A.) started her work as Communications Planner for the Art Testers. In the future, Heidi will be in charge of the communications for Art Testers, supporting Manager Mr Joonas Keskinen and the Art Testers’ national coordination team.
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