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Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on Data Protection, in effect from 25 May, 2018.


Suomen lastenkulttuurikeskusten liitto ry (Association)
Business ID: 2719339-1
Keskustori 4, 33100 Tampere
telephone +358 40 820 5425
e-mail or

Person in Charge of the Register

Mr Joonas Keskinen, Manager, Art Testers program
See contacts above.

Purpose of the Register

The purpose of handling personal data is to conduct the Art Testers program, including the sign-up for schools and cultural institutions, arranging the transportations, and reviewing the art visits.

Contents of the Register

We have electronically stored of the names of school supervising teachers, contact persons and school principals and their contact details into the register. In addition, we have electronically stored the names and contact information of the contact persons and managers of personal data of the cultural institutions. The register does not include the names of school students or other children or young people.

The Grounds for Handling Personal Data and the Rights of the Registered

The grounds for handling personal data are the legitimate interests of the registrar. The register includes only such information (for example, addresses) that the risks adhered to the handling of the data are minimal. The register will not be used as a basis for automated decision-making.

The registered has a right to know what information about him/her has been stored into the register. Moreover, the registered has a right to correct any erroneous data about them, as well as right to request the deletion of their personal data. The registered always has a right to file a complaint to the supervising authority (the Data Protection Ombudsman).

Regulation of Data Handling

The handling of the data is being regulated (see below).

Transferring and Releasing of Personal Data

The personal data is being processed, by order of the registrar, by the following parties:

  • HiQ Finland Oy, as developer and administrator of the Art Testers web pages
  • Mercantus Oy, as supplier of the software used for resourcing
  • Planet Internet Oy, as supplier for servers and storage space.

The registrar shall not transfer or release data for any other use, or outside the European Union.

Storage and Protection of Personal Data

The data will be stored during the Art Testers campaign until the end of the year 2024, after which time the register will be closed and the data removed. The storage of the data will be handled by Planet Internet Oy. The entry to the register is protected by a password. Only those people whose work requires handling the data are granted access to the register.