Meet our new Communications Planner

August 2, 2021, Heidi Rantanen (M.A.) started her work as Communications Planner for the Art Testers. A multilingual professional in education and communications, Heidi has previously worked in education technology companies in a variety of communicational and managerial tasks.

”Education is a very natural environment for me to work in. I have worked with education for eight years, although previously more focused on adult education and life-long learning. Now, it is absolutely wonderful to be able to work with children’s culture, especially arts and culture education. I firmly believe that art and culture improve well-being and learning” Heidi says.

Heidi is known as a happy, energetic powerhouse who keeps things on tracks and projects in schedule. In addition to having a degree in communications, Heidi has completed basic studies in education, and currently she is studying alongside work to become a professional in the field of positive psychology.

”I think Art Testers is a spectacular concept that needs to become permanently practised. It creates equality and supports the development of empathy, emotional skills and critical thinking. The concept can also have a positive impact on the prevention of youth social exclusion and mental health issues. What we have at hand is a complete, well-researched concept that is tried and true – a perfect educational export product!”

In the future, Heidi will be in charge of the communications for Art Testers, supporting Manager Mr Joonas Keskinen and the Art Testers’ national coordination team. Heidi can be reached via her email and her phone number +358-44-493-2452.