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General Info

The Art Testers cultural education program enables cultural institutions to offer 8th graders experiences which many young people have previously not had access to. For deepening the experience, the art visits are accompanied by pre- and post-visit materials provided beforehand by the participating cultural institution, and they will be sent through the Art Testers web service or straight to the schools.

The goal of pre- and post-visit work is to offer young people information about the particular art form, about the work life of an artist, and about the processes of composing a piece of art. The goal of this work is that in addition to an art experience, a young person will be able to form a well-reasoned opinion on his/her experience.

After an art visit, students are advised to review their art experience with a browser-based review app. The results will be published through the Art Testers web page. With the help of Art Testers, the cultural institutions receive direct feedback from young people according to which they may develop their youth programmes and content. Funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, and the Ministry of Education and Culture, Art Testers will provide the 8th graders and their teachers free entry tickets as well as transportation to the event. The program is coordinated by the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centres.

Application Process for Cultural Institutions

The attractions for the Art Testers visits are chosen by a selection followed by an application each year. The application process is carried out electronically at the Finnish Cultural Foundation web service. On the application form, the cultural institution will present a visit plan that they have prepared for the Art Testers visits, including the plans for the etkot and jatkot (pre- and post-visit work). The form includes questions for the organisations, such as what the minimum number of audience is to enable the organisation to participate in the program. For planning and filling out the application, ask the Art Testers regional coordinators for help.

You can suggest any art form for Art Testers. However, the cultural institutions are required to carefully plan a hospitable, activating and inclusive visit, not only a routine museum tour or theatre play. In choosing our attractions for the Art Testers visits, we value both high artistic quality and an innovative, youth-oriented audience work.

The core values of the coordinator of the program, The Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centres, include equality and accessibility. This means that children and young people have a right to participate in and experience art regardless of any limitations such as disabilities, home language or the financial situations of families. This is why we ask our candidate organisations about the accessibility of their attractions.

Logos and Pictures

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How to Contact

Please direct the enquiries of your organisations primarily to your own coordinator. You can find their contacts on the Contacts page. If you are unsure of who your own coordinator is, please contact the following address: