An expert to speak at your event?

Art Testers is the largest cultural education program in Finland, offering all eighth graders in Finland unforgettable art experiences and tools to form informed opinions. At the same time, we work to develop the art scene in Finland, and the skills of schools so that young people can have impactful experiences in the arts.

The Art Testers team is full of experienced experts in arts and cultural education who can provide information and insights on the importance of arts and cultural education, the impact of arts experiences on young people, or good practices for integrating arts in education. We are excited to share our expertise and experience with you at your upcoming seminar, training event or other gathering.

Top topics

  • Young people as experiencers of art
  • Art Testers and audience development
  • Encountering young people
  • School class on an art excursion
  • The role of artistic and cultural experiences in primary schools
  • Children’s culture and cultural education

Meet our experts

Joonas Keskinen profiilikuva

Manager, Tampere

Joonas Keskinen (Master of Arts, Ethnomusicology, MBA candidate) has worked for almost 20 years as a teacher, artist and in various arts and cultural administration positions. His areas of expertise include audience development for young people, production team management, the social relevance of the sector of arts and culture and identifying and understanding different needs through customer insight and service design.

Coordinator, Oulu

Aino Häli (Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Music Educator, Master of Music) is an experienced cultural worker with orchestra, theatre, arts education, and event management expertise. With extensive professional experience in the field, Häli is an expert in the topics of supporting the inclusion of children and young people and exploring the various forms and possibilities of audience development.

Coordinator, Oulu

Anne Pelttari (Master of Arts, History) has worked as a producer, cultural designer, and accessibility expert in the cultural sector. Having studied history and film studies, Pelttari’s core competencies include an understanding of how to encounter young people, accessibility, and regional knowledge of Finland.

Annu Nietula profiilikuva

Coordinator, Rovaniemi

Annu Nietula (Master of Culture and Arts, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Circus) works both as a coordinator of Art Testers and as a producer of children’s culture in the city of Rovaniemi. She is responsible for the coordination, planning and development of arts and cultural services for children and young people as well as for promoting the inclusion of children and young people through arts and culture.

Coordinator, Seinäjoki

Elina Muotio (Bachelor of culture and arts, Degree Programme in Cultural Management) has graduated as a cultural producer with a degree in music-oriented socio-cultural work. Muotio has worked as a producer, project manager, director, and artist. Her strengths include audience development for young people and collaborating with professionals from various fields. As a lecturer, Elina is inspiring and encouraging.

Coordinator, Jyväskylä

Hanna Brotkin (M.Sc. art education, professional teacher, clothing designer) started her career in fashion and later spent over a decade teaching in Jamk University of Applied Sciences in business administration. For the past eight years, she has worked as a coordinator for the Art Testers program and three years as a cultural curriculum planner. The trick of the talk is Hanna’s energy and joy.

Coordinator, Helsinki

Kaisa Järvelin (Master of Arts, Dance) has years of experience in dance and circus as a performer, choreographer and director, producer and teacher, and as a circus school director. Järvelin is a clear and steady performer, who can handle both expert presentations and, for example, hosting an event to lighten the mood.

Laura Pitkänen profiilikuva

Coordinator, Joensuu

Laura Pitkänen (Media assistant, Youth counsellor) has worked with the Art Testers program since its beginning and has been involved in producing cultural events that young people have conceived and organised themselves. Pitkänen is particularly interested in empowering young people and the use of art as a means of strengthening one’s identity.

Coordinator, Helsinki

Mereca Victorzon (Master of Arts, Art History) has more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of art and culture. Her main areas of expertise are audience development in the museum field, accessibility of the art field and museum pedagogy. Victorzon is a clear and inspiring speaker. He is active in a variety of roles in the museum field.

Coordinator, Turku

Sami Blomberg (Cultural Manager, Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree) has worked in the arts and culture and municipal sector as an event producer, programme manager and coordinator. His areas of expertise are event production, the importance of art and culture in people’s lives and growth, and their role in society.

Susanna Koponen profiilikuva

Coordinator, Lahti

Susanna Koponen (Master of Arts, Education) has worked as a teacher and coordinator in the field of arts and cultural education for about 25 years. Her special expertise is linked to audience development, special pedagogy and museology. She is particularly interested in cooperation between schools and out-of-school learning environments.

Tuula Penttilä profiilikuva

Coordinator, Hämeenlinna

Tuula Penttilä (Master of Arts, Theatre and Drama) has worked in the arts throughout her career as an actor and musician. Penttilä has a deep understanding of the content and culture of different art forms and the importance of culture for the growth of young people’s identity. Tuula is articulate as a speaker and can encourage listeners to think about things in a new way.

How can we help?

If you are interested in inviting an Art Testers speaker to speak at your event or write a blog post or an article, please contact the manager, Joonas Keskinen ( Please let us know the nature of your event, the time, the topic, and any other requests, and we will tailor the session to your needs. Please also mention in which language you would like our experts to speak. Our experts speak Finnish, Swedish and English.