Back-to-school Greetings from Art Testers Office in Tampere

It is the start of the fifth year of Art Testers. In the spring of 2021, the schools were eager to sign up for the upcoming school year. We will be joined with a record number of 8th graders and their supervisors (close to 69,000 people) and with the record number of art institutions, a total of 73 across the country. Our goal is to offer two art tour visits for every 8th grader in their own or neighbouring regions.

Thursday, 26 August
, a school year kick-off info will be organised online from 9.30 to 11 AM. The info will mainly be concerned with the COVID situation but will also feature the basics of the programme as well as provide the schedules for the cultural institutions. In addition, we will share some good practises learned during these four years, for instance, guidelines for pre- and post-visit work and for how to interact with the young audience. The info is mainly intended for the people representing the cultural institutions that have joined our program this school year.

Sign up for the info by 25 August 12 PM at the following address:

Hint: Learn some ideas in our articles and watch videos from our webinars on our YouTube channel ( -> Taidetestaajat Konsttestarna).